Real Men Wear Pink (Masks)!

Real Men Wear Pink (Masks)!

There is still some weird stigma about men using masks to help fix and maintain their skin. Even more concerning is the belief that just because something is pink means that it is not 'manly'.


Clay masks have the potential to absorb oil from your skin and prevent mild forms of acne, such as pimples, blackheads , and whiteheads. These types of acne form when your pores are clogged with excessive dirt and oil. The heat helps increase perspiration and the amount of oil and dirt your skin releases.


An Australian pink clay mask  have become popularised recently. Whether it’s used for tightening pores, cleansing, and detoxifying skin, reducing inflammation or preventing breakouts, Australian pink clay has many benefits for your skin and there are no doubts on why it's taking the world by storm. It works by drawing out impurities, toxins and pollutants, and oils that clog the pores. Used regularly, it will help keep your pores clean and prevent breakouts - and you only need to leave it on for 10 minutes to work its magic (but we recommend 15-20 mins).

Pink clay is a form of kaolin clay and is a combination of white clay and red clay, safe for all types of sensitive skin!


Red kaolin clay is great for very oily skin while white kaolin clay is the opposite and is mild on the skin. Therefore, pink clay is the perfect combination of both these clays. Pink clay helps to restore and replenish skin with moisture while also drawing out impurities. It is safe for sensitive skin but still delivers amazing results, almost instantly.


Pink Kaolin Clay is rich in silica, which will help to improve skin elasticity and cell renewal for vibrant, younger-looking skin. Silica also works as a natural anti-inflammatory substance that assists with retaining moisture. As well as silica, Pink clay is also rich in minerals such as kaolinite and calcite. An Australian pink clay mask is a one-stop-shop for a brighter, clearer complexion that results in a fresh and healthy glow.


The huge advantage of pink clay masks is that they can produce instant results with the very first application.  So, if you are anticipating an important event or a date, this mask will help you look your best in a short period of time. However, as with any instant results, the glowing effect won’t last forever.  You will need to use a clay mask on a regular basis for permanent or prolonged results (we recommend 1-2 times per week for best results).

Pink clay masks are very easy to prepare.  All you have to do is to dissolve appropriate amount of clay in water, walk around for 15 minutes and as a result you will have radiant and glowing skin.