Hi there! My name is Matt. For several years I had been thinking about how important skincare is and recently I started shaving my head as my hair decided to break up with me. Then all of a sudden my skin was 'on show' so much more and it became apparent that I needed to look after myself!

But like most guys, shopping for skincare was intimidating and confusing for me. So, after much research and testing I have come up with my own skincare range (MATTE Skincare).

You might be thinking, 'oh yeah, another wannabe' but I wanted this brand to stand for something different. The beauty industry has a lot to answer for regarding the damage being done to people's self-confidence and esteem. Here at MATTE we want you (our clients) to embrace our all natural, environmental and animal friendly ingredients as well as our positive energy towards men of all ages, shapes and sizes. As our slogan states "no nasty toxins, no toxic attitudes". 

So I wanted to create something to challenge modern society's views of men who are often portrayed as hyper-masculine, severely minimalist, or oddly rugged, as if to overcorrect for the “feminine” or “soft” stigma around skincare. We know that we aren't the only ones who find this concept to be wildly outdated.

Culture is changing, but men’s skincare hasn’t been keeping up. We're here to change that.




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